DIY On-line Survey

In some cases, for speed or budgetary reasons, our potential customers prefer to receive a quick and fairly accurate estimate of their proposed scheme before arranging a site visit appointment.

Transformed Driveways welcome this approach where the potential and costs for a new driveway improvement scheme can considered by the customer before the need for any formalised meetings and documents.

Given that this DIY option provides Transformed Driveways with potential cost savings we are happy to pass these savings back to our valued customers in the form of a 10% scheme discount.

Resin Bonded Gravel SurveyAccordingly, Transformed Driveways has created the option of a simple 6-step DIY survey where the customer submits the basic scheme information and then promptly receives an emailed estimate of costs and timescales.

In the event that the customer is happy with the information received and would like to progress the enquiry further then Transformed Driveways will arrange a site visit in order to accurately measure up the project and formalise a quotation. At this point the customer would have an opportunity to look at samples of the available natural stone finishes.

Please remember that the DIY Survey is optional and if you would prefer to arrange a site visit straight off then this is not a problem to us.